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The Brief

  • The Telling Our Story initiative was launched by the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) in 2019.

  • Telling Our Story was designed to better connect consumers with food and fibre production and to secure agriculture’s social licence to operate. The NFF was supported in the initiative by founding partners Meat and Livestock Australia and Nutrien Ag Solutions (formerly Landmark). ​

  • Robbie Sefton was on the committee of esteemed Australians established to direct the project. As well as Robbie, Advisory Committee members include NFF president Fiona Simson, Richard Goyder, Alison Watkins, Matt Moran, Geoff Maynard (representing MLA) and Rob Clayton (representing Nutrien).​

The Outcome

  • Sentiment towards farmers and agriculture was already high within the Australian community. In December 2020, following the Telling Our Story #GotYourBack and #BackOnTrack campaigns, NFF research showed an increase in this positive sentiment, up 9 points to 72%.

  • Trust in farming and agriculture was at 68%. Knowledge of agriculture also increased 7 points with 34% of those surveyed purporting to know a lot or a fair amount about farming.

  • Despite the high regard Australians hold for our industry, the research identified aspects of agriculture that Australians require more information about. For example, only 23% said they strongly believed farmers were improving their environmental performance or were committed to sustainable land management. Only 20% said they strongly agreed farmers prioritised consumer safety in their use of chemicals and only 17% strongly agreed farmers treated their workers fairy.

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