Grains Australia Limited

  • Consulting
  • Strategic Counsel
  • Stakeholder and Community Engagement
  • Copywriting and Editing


  • Development of a three-year Strategic Plan for Grains Australia Limited, an initiative of the Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC), including a 12-month communications and stakeholder engagement plan
  • Ongoing strategic communications and stakeholder engagement to support Grains Australia’s vision to be the recognised leader in delivering value to the Australian grains industry through management of market access, classification, information and education
  • Facilitate the establishment of industry consultation Councils for specific commodities (wheat, oat, barley, pulses, oilseeds) and market access through formal expression of interest processes


  • Facilitated discussion with the Board of Grains Australia regarding operational priorities and opportunities as well as, potential risks or threats
  • Development of the Strategic Plan, which included articulating Grains Australia's mission, purpose, values, core functions, approach, goals and horizons for achievement
  • Development of a communications and stakeholder engagement plan to raise awareness among key audiences, build strong stakeholder relationships and ensure they understand the important role that Grains Australia plays for the industry
  • The communications plan also included key messages and a map of key stakeholders and the channels and tactics required to effectively engage with the Australian grains industry


  • Strategic counsel to the Board including the establishment of Commodity Councils and the Grains Market Access Council via open expression of interest process
  • Seftons has acted as Grains Australia’s full-service communications and stakeholder engagement resource for over 12 months providing services including input on merger activities, policy development, presentation materials, social media best practice, website content, news items for media and online, graphic design templates, stakeholder consultation and research for the trade and market access function of the organisation, developing the first annual report to coincide with the AGM in October 2022, and working on the inaugural annual operating plan

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