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  • Seftons Managing Director, Robbie Sefton was appointed to Chair the Independent Panel to assess social and economic conditions affecting Murray-Darling Basin communities
  • The assessment focused on outcomes, the program was designed to move to more adaptive management where communities have a greater say in the matters affecting their future


  • The engagement process was complex, with extensive economic and social research and modelling undertaken
  • Extensive stakeholder engagement over the course of its review, with the Panel visiting communities and meeting with many stakeholder groups and individuals
  • The assessment panel met with 750 people in communities, received more than 70 submissions to the draft report and commissioned extensive social and economic research


  • An issues paper was prepared to accompany the Terms of Reference with input sought from industry and community via a survey and submission process
  • Following this, an interim report and draft report were prepared for the Federal Government in early 2020
  • Final report delivered to the Federal Government on 30 April 2020 and was released by Minister for Resources, Water and Northern Australia, The Hon Keith Pitt MP, on 4 September 2020 - panel-report.pdf (