Australian Rural Leadership Foundation (ARLF)

  • Strategy Development
  • Media Relations


  • Develop and implement a communications strategy to support the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation’s (ARLF) delivery of the Future Drought Fund’s Drought Resilience Leaders Development Program (DRLDP)
  • The strategy focussed on educating and raising awareness of the program and telling the stories and experiences of the people taking part
  • Counsel was also provided to ARLF in relation to on-ground stakeholder engagement and leveraging consortia partner channels to maximise information sharing through networks


  • Given the multi-faceted and complex nature of the program, Seftons developed and implemented individual strategies to deliver communication outcomes for the ARLF to support:
    • The Drought Resilience Leaders Development Program (DRLDP) which focused on 12 of the most drought affected regions across Australia
    • Drought Resilience Mentoring Program (DRM) – a nationwide initiative
    • Community Extension Grants (CEG) available to eligible DRLDP participants  
    • Storytelling about selected program participants and their experiences


  • 40 media releases and alerts drafted and distributed to promote the program
  • Significant media coverage across TV, radio, print and online as well as, podcasts.
  • Seven region-based studies and seven mentor/mentee stories
  • 17 print and radio advertisements
  • Successful delivery of the Drought Resilience Leaders Development Program resulted in ARLF securing Commonwealth Government Funding for Phase 2 of the project