• Strategic Counsel
  • Digital and Social Media
  • Facilitation
  • Copywriting and Editing


  • Provide strategic counsel on how AgForce's communications approach could be improved to ensure it is keeping pace with, or advancing, compared to its peers.
  • Provide strategic counsel on how communications and engagement activity could more effectively support AgForce members to meet their challenges in a complex and ever-evolving economic, environmental and political environment


  • Benchmark AgForce’s communications and community engagement against peers and relevant organisations
  • Conduct a review of the effectiveness and utility of existing AgForce communications collateral, including identifying if it is meeting the needs of target audiences
  • Analyse target audiences, to understand what these audiences want from AgForce in terms of communications and engagement
  • Assess current capabilities and resources against best practice and trends including identification of required systems or resources  
  • Conduct a digital communications landscape audit and benchmarking to assess effectiveness


  • Six facilitated discussions/workshops were conducted with AgForce team members to understand the organisation’s current state, short and long-term objectives, and gather data and information
  • Online surveys sent to 3,938 members, hard copies to 3,500 members and 2,159 non-members.
  • High-level benchmarking report delivered containing analysis of AgForce peers, evaluation of AgForce performance against best practice, and case studies
  • Identification of the systems, processes, human resources, strategies and tactics required to implement effective communication change at AgForce
  • Detailed report and presentation to the Board, providing an assessment of existing communications and engagement activity opportunities and ways to challenge and evolve AgForce’s current approach
  • Foundation document for the CEO and the communications team to use for developing a long-term, detailed strategic and operational communications, engagement, marketing and membership plan