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Woolworths Organic Growth Fund

Seftons was contracted by Woolworths to launch the Woolworths Organic Growth Fund, a $30million investment, in partnership with Heritage Bank, designed to help Australian farmers meet the growing consumer demand for organic fruit and vegetables.

Seftons coordinated a stakeholder engagement and media outreach program to raise awareness of the Fund and encourage farmers to apply for funding through the program. The Seftons team developed a stakeholder engagement and media launch program including the identification of industry and sector advocates for the program; a media pack including key messages, Q&A for general distribution and website, risk mitigation and issues preparedness Q&A for internal use only, national media release, audio news release; and a case study profile. The level of media interest and take up of the story was high with major agricultural publications covering the story and Fairfax syndicating across key titles. The audio news release was picked up widely across agricultural and mainstream radio stations with the inclusion of key messages and a link to the website for more information on the Fund.