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Water for the Future Community Information Sessions

Water for the Future is a 10-year Australian Government initiative to prepare Australians for a future with less water. Through the program the Australian Government is investing $12.9 billion in projects including improving irrigation efficiency, reforming the water market and buying back water entitlements from willing sellers in the Murray-Darling Basin. DEWHA engaged Seftons to facilitate information sessions across the Murray-Darling Basin in 2009 and 2010 to create awareness of the program and alert stakeholders and communities to the opportunity for funding and support.

We helped develop the content and structure of the sessions, manage the events, provide background briefings to DEWHA on the specific social, economic and cultural realities in each workshop location, identified stakeholders and personally encouraged them to attend, and facilitated the events with sensitivity to the high levels of community concern and uncertainty around future water use.

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