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Thinking BIGG case studies

BiGG was Australia’s largest evaluation of biodiversity on mixed farms. It involved an innovative combination of science and participatory research. Forty-seven participating farmers managing around 170,000 hectares of farmland took on roles as passionate advocates for biodiversity, selling the message that biodiversity does not start and end in patches of remnant vegetation. BiGG successfully brought together governments, farmers, scientists, ecologists, catchment management authorities, industry organisations, and school children to work for a common goal, with the result that BiGG won a 2008 Banksia Environmental Award in the Land & Biodiversity category.

One of the many project outputs from BiGG was the booklet Thinking BiGG: Farmers tell their stories of biodiversity. Based on in-depth interviews, the booklet contained case studies and images of 17 farming families and their perspectives on biodiversity. The case studies provided insights into why the farmers participated in BiGG, the changes they made as a result of it, and what they learned during their two-year involvement, creating a legacy of the program and a step towards improving biodiversity on farms in the future.

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Biodiversity in Grain & Graze (BiGG)

logo-grain_and_graze The key ingredient to differentiating one great research project from another is incredible communication. The Thinking BiGG report, which included 17 written case studies of a selection of our participating farmers, and the Talking BiGG audio CD of interviews with farmers, researchers and managers, were just two of the many products put together by Seftons that brought the project to life and carried its influence well beyond the 47 participating farm families. Evaluation suggests that BiGG influenced over 8500 farmers.
—Dr. Richard Price

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