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Murray-Darling Basin Stakeholder Forums

In mid-2008 it was apparent that the Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth (CLLMM) areas were facing a serious ecological crisis. The Murray-Darling Basin Ministerial Council directed the Community Advisory Committee to run two ‘invitation only’ stakeholder forums exploring management options for the Coorong and Lower Lakes, to provide advice on stakeholder and community views to the Ministerial Council.

We facilitated two forums dealing with complex issues and intense emotions. Robbie’s facilitation skills ensured all participants felt heard and recorded. The findings and suggestions were drawn together into a report outlining the need for urgent action, guiding principles and values, exploring the problems and challenges, short-term approaches (preferred options), longer-term approaches (preferred options), social/cultural considerations and questions and further issues. This allowed those receiving the report to comprehend and assess the large volume of material arising from the workshop.

What our clients say

Murray Darling Basin Community Advisory Committee

logo-murray_darling_basin_authority Robbie demonstrated a strong understanding of natural resource management issues, and an excellent ability to facilitate groups that include people from varying backgrounds and interests. Her willingness to undertake extensive preparation and background work was reflected in the quality of the events that she facilitated. Robbie’s positive approach and strong interpersonal skills were valuable, and she was able to provide additional strategic advice on communications strategies to deal with complex, contentious environmental issues.
—Sandra Volk

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