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Moree Plains Shire Council Town Water Project

Seftons was contracted by Moree Plains Shire Council in relation to a proposal to connect three small communities within the Shire to town water. The Council had been awarded funding for the project, but needed to gauge community support prior to commencing work. Seftons developed and implemented a community engagement strategy designed to educate the community about the project, and a mechanism for collecting feedback about the proposal. Engagement activities include a Community Information Session, a 1800 Information Line, a ‘door knock’ of the community and a survey. Community interest and participation in engagement activities was high, with the majority of residents completing the survey and attending the Community Information Session. These activities ensured that the community could make an informed decision about the proposal to connect to town water. The high participation rate and strong support for the project gave Council the confidence to endorse the proposal and for work to commence connecting the community to a safe and secure water source.