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Independent Assessment of Social and Economic Conditions in the Murray-Darling Basin

In 2019 Robbie Sefton was appointed to Chair the Independent Panel to assess social and economic conditions affecting Murray-Darling Basin communities.

This recognised Robbie’s, and Seftons’, ongoing contribution to consultation, policy development, program delivery and communication, and facilitation around sensitive water issues over many years. The program was designed to shift emphasis from the current model for water resourcing and focus on outcomes and moving to more adaptive management where communities have a greater say in matters affecting their future.

The engagement process was complex, extensive economic and social research and modelling was undertaken and the Panel engaged extensively over the course of its review, visiting communities and meeting with many stakeholder groups and individuals.

The Panel prepared an issues paper to accompany the Terms of Reference and sought input from industry and community via a survey and submission process. Following this, an interim report and draft report were prepared for Federal Government in early 2020, with the final report delivered to Federal Government on 30 April 2020 (public release is pending).