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Horticulture Australia Ltd Stakeholder Engagement

HAL invests in research, development and marketing programs in Australian horticulture, with industry and Australian Government funding. Seftons worked to engage HAL’s Members in the process of developing a five-year strategic plan. We held face-to-face meetings with senior staff and board members to clarify the key issues, and conducted telephone interviews to canvass the opinions of Members prior to bringing them together. We devised a workshop structure using World Café facilitation and graphic recording (drawing and photography) to capture members’ insights, options and responses visually and in writing.

After three capital city workshops in 2012 we provided a detailed final report of findings and recommendations. We followed up the process in 2013, bringing Members together in the same workshop format to deal with critical industry issues that required a coordinated and consistent response. The process built trust among Members, highlighted issues that needed further attention, and built a foundation for HAL to implement its strategic plan.

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