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Developing Rural and Regional Leaders

Seftons has designed a proprietary ‘Creating Rural Leaders’ program for organisations that want to nurture the leadership skills of their key people and equip them to navigate the challenges of rural life. We delivered a customised version of the course with Northern Inland Regional Development Board, run over two weekends for twenty participants. We developed the course structure and content, designed learning exercises and sourced guest speakers, as well as promoting the course and managing the logistics.

Facilitated by Robbie Sefton, (graduate of the Rural Leadership Foundation and 2002 RIRDC NSW Rural Woman of the Year), the course helps participants see themselves as leaders, understand and strengthen their leadership styles, build their confidence and ambition, and realise their potential as industry practitioners and leaders. We developed online networking so participants could stay in touch and maintain their momentum between the components of the course. Feedback from participants showed very high approval ratings, especially in relation to facilitation and external speakers.

What our clients say

Creating Rural Leaders participant

I would like to thank you for having me at such a wonderful event. Personally the inspiration and motivation from all of you and all of the participants was the most valuable. I have come away reinvigorated and cannot thank you enough for that.
—Josh Billing

Creating Rural Leaders participant

Thank you for your amazing effort in running the Regional Leadership Course last weekend. It has been very enlightening and I have loved the leadership journey so far. Congratulations on the program.
—Wendy Mayne

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