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Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC) ‘The Vital Ingredient’ Sustainability Conference

Beginning four weeks prior to the inaugural ‘Vital Ingredient’ Sustainability Conference, Seftons worked with AMPC to increase attendance and generate positive media coverage through media relations. Working closely with AMPC to ensure a broad range of media coverage was achieved, Seftons produced three media releases that were distributed to a wide range of regional and rural media. A media strategy was also devised, which saw tailored pitches sent to 14 key journalists and planned general pitches to be sent to niche, rural and regional media and industry stakeholders. The Seftons team attended the conference, coordinating 19 media interviews on and offsite with industry speakers, liaising with media in attendance to leverage coverage, managing the event’s official photographer and providing assistance to media guests. The campaign was a success, with six key media in attendance, and over 80 stories published with an estimated editorial value of over $735,897.