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Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) – Consultation on cost recovery for services under the National System for Domestic Commercial Vessel Safety

AMSA consulted with the domestic commercial vessel industry on the introduction of a new levy model, and proposed two alternatives. AMSA contracted Seftons to assist with the consultation meetings, assess and analyse responses from all channels, and prepare an independent final report on the responses to the consultation. Seftons independently analysed the 600+ responses and identified the key themes raised in submissions, with estimates of their frequency and relative importance. Seftons also analysed the weighting of issues by different industry groups, and by individual submissions as well as by total numbers of people represented. In a consultation that aroused strong sentiment within the industry, Seftons provided an independent and comprehensive report to AMSA (in summary and long form versions) identifying and setting out the key issues and concerns raised by the industry, in a manner that fairly represented them. AMSA took immediate action in response to the report